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Sean Barnum

Sean Barnum is Software Assurance Principal at The Mitre Corporation with more than 18 years of experience in software development, technology management, and professional services.

He has focused his career on the application of mature practices in the areas of quality, process, and knowledge management. Prior to joining Mitre, Mr. Barnum was a Principal Consultant at  Cigital Federal, Inc. Previously he was an independent consultant providing various technology management services to small and medium sized technology companies. Before this, he held senior director roles for knowledge management, process, and quality at Covansys, a global technology solutions consulting company. At Covansys, he provided strategic services both internally and externally. He began his career as a software engineer and SQA manager for a packaged software development company and later in the wireless receiver division of a global consumer electronics product company. Mr. Barnum has a BS in Computer Science and is an ME in Technology Management candidate from Portland State University.


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Attack Pattern Generation Knowledge/Attack Patterns
Attack Pattern Glossary Knowledge/Attack Patterns
Attack Pattern References Knowledge/Attack Patterns
Attack Pattern Usage Knowledge/Attack Patterns
Complete Mediation Knowledge/SDLC Process
Defense in Depth Knowledge/SDLC Process
Design Principles Knowledge/SDLC Process
Economy of Mechanism Knowledge/SDLC Process
Failing Securely Knowledge/SDLC Process
Further Information on Attack Patterns Knowledge/Attack Patterns
Introduction to Attack Patterns Knowledge/Attack Patterns
Least Common Mechanism Knowledge/SDLC Process
Least Privilege Knowledge/SDLC Process
Never Assuming That Your Secrets Are Safe Knowledge/SDLC Process
Promoting Privacy Knowledge/SDLC Process
Psychological Acceptability Knowledge/SDLC Process
Reluctance to Trust Knowledge/SDLC Process
Securing the Weakest Link Knowledge/SDLC Process
Separation of Privilege Knowledge/SDLC Process
Software Security Engineering: A Guide for Project Managers Best Practices/Project Management
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