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Business Case Models

Presents a conceptual framework for quantifying cost and benefits of investments in secure coding techniques. Guidance for implementing the framework will include the variables and data elements to focus on and means to measure and quantify them. With these measurements, one can calculate the economic benefits (cost) of these investments. Details are also provided on current practices and current research on the case for secure coding techniques.

Title Updated datesort ascending
What Measures Do Vendors Use for Software Assurance? 2013-07-31
Estimating Benefits from Investing in Secure Software Development 2013-07-31
Tooling in Support of Common Criteria Evaluation of a High Assurance Operating System 2013-07-25
Making the Business Case for Software Assurance 2013-05-21
Models for Assessing the Cost and Value of Software Assurance 2013-05-21
A Common Sense Way to Make the Business Case for Software Assurance 2013-05-14
It’s a Nice Idea but How Do We Get Anyone to Practice It? A Staged Model for Increasing Organizational Capability in Software Assurance 2013-05-13
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