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Software Assurance Education

Presents a series of articles on software assurance education. Software assurance education is an essential activity for increasing the number of skilled software assurance professionals. Topics include development of a Master of Software Assurance Reference Curriculum, development of a National Software Assurance Repository, security requirements engineering education, and ways of integrating software assurance into standard computing curricula.

Title Updated datesort ascending
The Development of a Graduate Curriculum for Software Assurance 2013-07-31
Teaching Security Requirements Engineering Using SQUARE 2013-07-31
Development of a Master of Software Assurance Reference Curriculum 2013-07-31
Integrating Software Assurance Knowledge into Conventional Curricula 2013-05-23
Defining the Discipline of Secure Software Assurance: Initial Findings from the National Software Assurance Repository 2013-05-21
Building a Body of Knowledge for ICT Supply Chain Risk Management 2013-05-16
The Software Assurance Competency Model: A Roadmap to Enhance Individual Professional Capability 2013-05-16
Software Assurance Education Overview 2013-05-15
Foundations for Software Assurance 2013-05-14
Two Nationally Sponsored Initiatives for Disseminating Assurance Knowledge 2013-05-14
Getting Secure Software Assurance Knowledge into Conventional Practice 2013-05-14
Infusing Software Assurance (SwA) into Introductory Computer Science Curricula 2013-05-14
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