ICS Metrics

In accordance with the Federal Digital Government Strategy, ics-cert.us-cert.gov is now making available PDF copies of our Google Analytics monthly Web Metrics and Search reports..
2019, June June 2019 Web Metrics Report92.05 KB
2019, May May 2019 Web Metrics Report222.49 KB
2019, April April 2019 Web Metrics Report95.42 KB
2019, March March 2019 Web Metrics Report90.71 KB
2019, February February 2019 Web Metrics Report89.1 KB
2019, January January 2019 Web Metrics Report86.76 KB
2018, December December 2018 Web Metrics Report135.59 KB
2018, November November 2018 Web Metrics Report93.8 KB
2018, October October 2018 Web Metrics Report270.23 KB
2018, September September 2018 Web Metrics Report85.11 KB