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Alert (SA04-336A)

Update for Microsoft Internet Explorer

Original release date: December 01, 2004 | Last revised: December 03, 2004

Systems Affected

  • Internet Explorer versions 6.0 and later


As previously mentioned in SA04-315A, an attacker may be able to take control of your computer by taking advantage of a vulnerability in Internet Explorer.


Apply an update

Microsoft has released an update to resolve this problem. Obtain the appropriate update from Windows Update or by using Automatic Updates.

Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP SP2 is not vulnerable.


There is a vulnerability in the way Internet Explorer processes certain HTML code. By exploiting the vulnerability, an attacker may be able to take control of your computer or cause Internet Explorer to crash.

For more technical information, see TA04-336A.



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Revision History

  • December 1, 2004: Initial release
    December 3, 2004: Added information about IE 6 on Windows XP SP2, added references to TA04-336A

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