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Alert (TA06-132A)

Apple Mac Products Affected by Multiple Vulnerabilities

Systems Affected

  • Apple Mac OS X version 10.3.9 (Panther) and version 10.4.6 (Tiger)
  • Apple Mac OS X Server version 10.3.9 and version 10.4.6
  • Apple Safari web browser
  • Apple Mail
Previous versions of Mac OS X may also be affected. Please see Apple Security Update 2006-003 for further information.


Apple has released Security Update 2006-003 to correct multiple vulnerabilities affecting Mac OS X, Mac OS X Server, Safari web browser, Mail, and other products. The most serious of these vulnerabilities may allow a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code. Impacts of other vulnerabilities include bypassing security restrictions and denial of service.


Apple Security Update 2006-003 resolves a number of vulnerabilities affecting Mac OS X, OS X Server, Safari web browser, Mail, and other products. Further details are available in the individual Vulnerability Notes.


The impacts of these vulnerabilities vary. For information about specific impacts, please see the Vulnerability Notes. Potential consequences include remote execution of arbitrary code or commands, bypass of security restrictions, and denial of service.


Install an update

Install Apple Security Update 2006-003. This and other updates are available via Apple Update.

Disable "Open 'safe' files after downloading"

For additional protection, disable the option to "Open 'safe' files after downloading," as specified in "Securing Your Web Browser."

Appendix A. References

These vulnerabilities were reported in Apple Security Update 2006-003. Please see the Vulnerability Notes for individual reporter acknowledgements.

Feedback can be directed to US-CERT.

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